Warning, graphic humor

Part of good communication is presenting compelling information in a novel, transparent way. Two sites do this particularly well, combining graphics-geek-chic with sophisticated messages.

Omnibrain highlights Why we have pie charts. This one is entitled “Why things happen.”:

Jessica Hagy’s Indexed is consistently one of the cleverest blogs around. A couple examples of her work:

from Indexed

from Indexed


One Response to Warning, graphic humor

  1. Tomas says:

    As I came to your post, the first impression was wow. I knew just one: my response is as the obligatory, so the most precious thing of my today doing.

    Sorry, I didn’t know what have so attracted me in the concrete, but that didn’t matter. I am looking at your post and admire.
    I admit I didn’t know how to draw the diagrams, how to put tables that looks as if made by hand-therefore I am rejoicing at what I see: NOT AT MYSELF but at the humanity-at you achievements.
    Sorry, I sense my explanations missed the target. Maybe, that’s no wonder too. I am not an English speaker-my native language is Lithuanian.
    However, that didn’t matter too. Just one is for sure: I am looking at your chart and…wow

    Now I am going to read what you have put in the words. Thus I ought to end my response, but prior to that, let me say the heartily thank you once more. I didn’t know either I can name your post a picture (as the one on canvas) but the view was wonderful –IS wonderful

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