Keep it short redux

January 18, 2007

Sometimes less is more.  Don’t have time to pick up Pynchon’s latest, but want to be edified, sanctified, deepfatfried?  Check out Middle Zone Musings‘s 6 word story contest.

The entries from GTDA:

“Tangerines….seemed like a good idea.” (note clever use of italics and ellipses)

and the old favorite

“Ants. Ants! Omigod, thousands of ants!”


Say goodbye to the Greenland Ice Shelf

January 18, 2007

Photos are powerful teaching tools.
This one from NASA is making the rounds . The money quote:

 New measurements show that the flow of ice in the Greenland ice sheet has been accelerating since 1996 during the summer melt season. The results suggest that the ice sheet may be responding more quickly to the warming climate than previously thought.