Will Youtube replace lectures?

Imagine a course where your read articles and watch videos at home, then come to class to work on problem sets. We’ll have more to say about this in the future, but I suspect if you want to work on your teaching chops, focus on how you interact with small groups, say, leading an exam review.

I mean, can you imagine a more succinct introduction to the alkali metals (love me some Na and K)?


2 Responses to Will Youtube replace lectures?

  1. NS says:

    I’m trying some of this right now. For example, instead of trying to dream up a lecture on sustainable design/architecture for my sustainability class, the students watched this: http://www.ted.com/talks/bjarke_ingels_3_warp_speed_architecture_tales.html

    I promise his 18 minutes was better than anything I could’ve done.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Are you referring to peer instruction, as defined by Eric Mazur and cie?

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