The most practical advice on social media I’ve heard all year

November 14, 2011



From Time Magazine

Q: Do you Twitter?

A: No, because I drink in the evening and I don’t want anything that I write at midnight to end my career–“You can kiss my ass” all spelled wrong.





Photographing ants

November 14, 2011

As the AntLab plows through our collections, hoping to construct photographic catalogues, we have to experiment with lighting. Lots of experiments. Turns out, JelenaB has discovered the curse of ant photography, little yellowish ants, can at least partially be tamed by the use of grey points (the little triangles upon which the ant is glued, which is then run through with a pin, suspending the little gal for eternity with legs dangling downward) against a dark grey background. I particularly like this image of Pheidole tysoni suspended. She would look good wandering in the fruit bowl of Carravagio’s Supper at Emmaus.

Understanding your advisor

November 14, 2011




Alan Rickman is a writing coach in a new play, The Seminar.  He is also the senior actor, with four young actors playing his students. Says the The Seminar‘s author (via the New York Times):

“Somebody said to me once, ‘Talent is a double-edged sword,’ and you really see that with Alan. He holds himself to extremely high standards. Because of that he holds us to those standards as well. It’s a serious business being in a working relationship with him.”

Through flashes of insight into Leonard’s own history and his unorthodox teaching methods, Mr. Rickman invites a deeper understanding of the man and of the complicated process of guiding young writers. Merciless though his approach might be, he’s there to steer the students in the right direction.

Sound like someone you know?

More left-brained map geek humor

November 14, 2011

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