Say yer prayers, gecko

I trust most of the folks that read this blog are out obsessively writing and collecting data.

That said, as an entomologist in a department of vertebrate biologists, this video does the heart good.

5 Responses to Say yer prayers, gecko

  1. As a Bio student, I approve of this post! Nice stuff!

  2. Brian Beatty says:

    As a vertebrate paleontologist (with some minor entomology background), this does my heart good too!

    It reminds me of how my mom would let me watch the slow skeletonization of the corpses of moles and birds that our cat would bring to our back porch…. not only did it help form a clearer understanding of nature’s cycles as a kid, but I had some really interesting mole bones! (thanks Mom!)

  3. sazky says:

    great post ,nice idea,wish good apetit

  4. Student says:

    So gross!

  5. nice video. it shows the power of ants. 🙂

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