Mac apps for various academic tasks

From Kerry Magruder\'s web pageThe software one uses is typically some combination of what you were trained on, what you can borrow…erm…afford, and what you, on a wild hair, decided to try out.

New software cries out like a siren. It offers new features. It will allow you to finally drop that klugey program that annoys you daily. Like the guy in the adjacent cubicle who is way too fond of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors.

But new software is also a seductive opportunity to avoid working on that manuscript. Software invariably has some incompatabilities that are not trumpeted on it’s homepage. And finally, all software has a learning curve. Before you hit that “download” button, ask yourself, “Do I really need this, or do I just really want it?”.

With that warning, if you are a MacHead, take a look at Kerry Magruder’s list of cheap effective mac apps that take on and, in his mind, supercede Microsoft Office, Endnote and a host of other programs that have been around since the Cold War. Magruder, who is a science historian, makes a compelling argument:

Are you accustomed to using one application for everything? A single “kitchen sink” application that tries to do everything usually ends up doing nothing well, while locking you in and preventing future migration to new and better tools. On a Mac, things are different. The best applications tend to be small and agile, optimized to do a small number of taks extremely well. These apps work well with others, and pass information back and forth so that you can put together your own favorite, customized suite of applications that work best for your writing and research needs. Mac users work in many different ways; the abundance of high-quality Mac software may surprise you. Also, don’t let their relative affordability fool you: these are superb apps. Rather than buying Microsoft Office, try Neo-Office and invest in some of the following instead. Soon you’ll be wondering how you ever got anything done without them.

Magruder also has an excellent page on his paperless workflow. It leads you, step by step, through the programs and protocols that start with reading and proceeds through analysis, writing, onto publication.

Go ahead. The sirens are calling.

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6 Responses to Mac apps for various academic tasks

  1. […] I found the reference in the excellent blog “Getting Things Done in Academia“. […]

  2. […] Gefunden habe ich den Hinweis in dem hervorragendem Blog “Getting Things Done in Academia“. […]

  3. Julia says:

    Papers. THE software one needs for effective management, reading and taking notes on articles. Ever scince i found that software, my literature folder is organized, I find papers back easily and I actually read more in less fewer time.

  4. […] – bookmarked by 2 members originally found by mfabian on 2008-08-24 Mac apps for various academic tasks – bookmarked by 3 […]

  5. […] found the reference in the excellent blog “Getting Things Done in Academia“. Share and […]

  6. Helen says:

    PosterGenius. If you’re presenting a poster to a conference you’re gonna need it. You just cut and paste your text and plots from any application you use to create them and it lays everything out nicely, in a PDF file ready for printing.

    A bit pricey for the “pros” but they have student pricing, which makes it a definite must:

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