Happy Friday


For many of us this is the last day of classes for the Fall semester.

In what other profession is the onset of winter looked upon with such joy?


4 Responses to Happy Friday

  1. neuheisel says:

    ski instructor?

  2. Mike says:

    Shee yeah right. I mean a *real* profession. 😉

  3. hlp says:

    I couldn’t find a “contact” page, so I’ll write it here.

    It would help if you put a link to the RSS of this site.
    I found it is: https://eebatou.wordpress.com/feed/


  4. prill says:

    Well, I am back from my break and busily working on an important manuscript. And I am having my recurrent problem with managing my references. I was wondering if you would discuss good management strategies for references. I am having a difficult time keeping everything in order while actually writing the manuscript. How do you deal with article pdfs, electronic references, Endnotes, paper copies, etc…?

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