Cookbook for a great presentation

I recently gave a talk about communicating in science. Hoo boy, if I had only known about this slideshow by Alexi Kapterev (view the whole show via the link below).

Two of the “money slides”:

1) What is it about repetition by threes? Maybe my neurobiology buddies can tell me. All I know is it works.


2) A great presentation

  1. conveys with enthusiasm why it’s important
  2. is built with repeated elements
  3. each of those elements is simple, uncluttered, and catchy
  4. is so well rehearsed it seems spontaneous.



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4 Responses to Cookbook for a great presentation

  1. docintraining says:

    Thanks. This is helpful information.

  2. iLike the design aspect, very smooth.

  3. […] 3. Getting Things Done in Academia – Cookbook for a Great Presentation […]

  4. Katrine says:

    Very nice. When one has a public Ph D defense hopefully coming up shortly. Argh. Thanks.

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