Why you should never joke about a vortex

March 12, 2007

Vortex Mike

Hi all. I woke up this morning and realized that if two manuscripts did not leave my computer and head off, pink and naked, into the uncertain world of the reviewersphere, I would be an unhappy camper.  So light posting this week, the last one before blessed Spring Break here in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

Lotsa good stuff coming up, tho, not least of which, in no particular order…

1) 5 essential reading lists–of yes, 5 books each, on various topics focusing on the uberskills of academia. Each with their one, big idea, neatly summarized.

2) More on capturing your ideas–and making sure you can find them again. I’ve been polishing a discussion today and relying a lot on my old friend, DevonThink Pro Office.  If it was humanly possible, I would reach through the ether and install it on all your computers this very instant. But I can’t. Which is good.  Because it would crash your PCs. But its the thought that counts, right?

3) A return of Brown Food Web Friday–Hey, I’m an ecologist because I love studying critters and tromping around cool environments. Care to guess what this is (courtesy of Steve Yanoviak, of the ubercool website CanopyAnts.com)? Post yer conjecture in the comments.


4) An expanded blogroll–There’s a lot of great stuff out there in unexpected places. As academics we gotta be creative about finding it.

5) More on how to read, and write a scientific paper.  Which sometimes means dropping everything and going full immersion. Like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now.

So bear with me while I clear the decks, get out some research, and make my co-authors much happier to have said “yes” in some dark era past.