CardinalCrepeMyrtle by Debby Cotter Kaspari

Cardinal Crepe Myrtle by Debby Cotter Kaspari 

One advantage of living in the southern Great Plains (especially after having grown up in the northern Great Plains) are the hints of spring that emerge about now.

In the past few days we’ve heard our first Northern Cardinals (who always sound Norweigan to me),  and Redwing Blackbird males (whose song sounds like the opening notes to the old National Geographic theme). Its wonderful to think how a dose of avian testosterone can improve the moods of other fellow members of the oak savannah ecosystem.

Any signs of the season’s passing where you are, gentle readers?

2 Responses to Spring!

  1. Kate says:

    In the UK – lots of daffodils, cherry blossom, and the first swallow (..I’m kidding). The good news is that we saw sunshine the other day.

  2. Scott says:

    As pictures are worth a kiloword:


    53.5 degrees North, 113.5 degrees West. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    Pressure/ Tendency
    29.93 inches↓
    62 %
    Wind Chill
    3 (Fahrenheit)
    NE 7 mph

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