Tip o’ the Day: One space will do

February 13, 2007

Calvin CoolidgeYou do a lot of writing as an academic, and even more editing. That is a large part of your job: cranking out elegant sentences, combining them into tight paragraphs that tell a story, linking together these paragraphs into a longer essay form.

OK, so you’ve reached the end of a brilliant sentence, and you are about to begin the next one. How many of you type two spaces between sentences, and how many of you type just one space? Two-spacers, you go to the left of the screen, one-spacers, you go to the right. Yes, my right.

(Turning to the right): OK, you folks can go. There’s a great Joe Mathlete Explain’s Today’s Marmaduke you’ll want to see.

(Turning to the left): Two-spacers, follow me. Read the rest of this entry »