Earth from the moon, Apollo 8
Taking a few days off to write and do some yardwork. 


2 Responses to Peace

  1. Todd V says:

    You might be interested in a couple of things — read your post on 43folders which led me to your page:

    1. Check out my post on GTD & Academics in the 43folders forums. It details what I take to be six unique challenges to implementing the GTD workflow in academia.

    2. It seems like you’ve tried a number of GTD implementations, but you may also be interested in the one I designed if you haven’t seen it yet. It is a unique approach to GTD on the mac — integrating all of one’s files and programs into the GTD workflow without locking users into only one program. It’s called Ready-Set-Do! and you can download it here:

    3. You might also like the Speak It On My iPod program that I designed for myself to get more of my reading done. It allows one to convert anything in text form on the mac into audio files that can then be listened to on one’s iPod.

    Anyways. I would love any feedback you might have on the Ready-Set-Do! program. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and I think it is a very simple and reliable approach to GTD on the mac. It also comes with two very nice Quicktime movies that overview the 9 core GTD habits. If you wouldn’t mind checking them out I would greatly appreciate it.


    Todd V

  2. Mike says:

    Todd’s first link above has some interesting ideas about “unpacking” GTD. David Allen’s GTD methodology has a lot to recommend it (heck, I named this blog after it), It can also, as Todd’s post suggests, be pretty involved. Luckily, you can treat GTD as a buffet of useful tips and hacks, as we will explore over the coming months.

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